TripleR is a "Google Summer of Code" 2010 project!(03.05.2010)

Google sponsors each summer about 1000 open source software projects (the "Google Summer of Code", GSoC). Students can apply for a funded project within an open source organization - Last week, TripleR, the R package for round robin analyses, received one of the coveted GSoC 2010 slots (along with 4 other great R projects)!

Felix Schönbrodt (as the applying student) and Stefan Schmukle (as the project's mentor) now will start to extend and optimize the package. Major milestones are:

  • A thorough documentation
  • Handling of missing values + a documentation of the approach
  • Adding of multiple group support
  • First functions for handling full block designs

You can follow the development and post bugs on R-Forge. If you're interested in using the package, feel free to contact the authors, e.g.