“SRM for dummies” – a new easy to read introduction to the Social Relations Model, now in press (16.06.2010)

Back, M. D. & Kenny, D. A. (in press). The Social Relations Model: How to understand dyadic processes. Social and Personality Psychology Compass.


The Social Relations Model (SRM) is an intriguing tool both to conceptualize and to analyze dyadic processes. We begin with explaining why interpersonal phenomena in everyday life are more complex than often considered. We then show how the SRM accounts for these complexities by decomposing interpersonal perceptions and behaviors into three independent components and describe the designs required to investigate these components. We then provide a step-by-step introduction into social relations analyses, thereby showing how the SRM can be used to investigate a multitude of exciting research questions. Finally, we summarize the existing software solutions for conducting social relations analyses. Resources for further information are suggested.