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Global Observer features PERSOC

The PERSOC framework is featured as Editor's Choice in the June Issue of the APS Global Observer - link (12.06.2013)


Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry:

New paper on the conceptualization and assessment of grandiose narcissism now in press in JPSP (13.06.2013) (more…)

new papers on lens model analyses

We have recently extended the use of the lens model for a more comprehensive understanding of personality and interpersonal perceptions at zero acquaintance. New papers include an integrative lens model approach to bias and accuracy in human inferences recently published in JPSP , an integration of the lens model with dual process models, in press in JPSP , and an overview of the use of the lens model in personality psychology including these new developments now in press in Current Directions in Psychological Science (21.12.2012) (more…)

Unified Motive Scales published (31.08.2012)

The UMS are the result of a joint analysis of 14 existing and 7 new motive scales for achievement, power, affiliation, and intimacy. Based on item response theory, they provide higher measurement precision in a wider range of the traits with fewer items than existing questionnaires. Short scales for round robin designs are available. For more details, visit UMS.


TripleR: Paper and new version for our SRA package (14.09.2011)

A paper about TruipleR has been published in Behavior Research Methods; new version is out with many new features!


Knowing your own mate value:

New paper on sex-specific personality effects on the accuracy of expected mate choices now in press in Psychological Science (07.04.2011) (more…)

Three research projects that were developed with support by the PERSOC network are now funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)! (03.02.2011)


Walking in each other’s shoes: Perspective taking mediates effects of emotional intelligence on relationship quality (EJP Special Issue on Personality and Social Relationships) (01.02.2011)


Social support as mediator of the stress buffering effect of optimism: The importance of differentiating the recipients' and providers' perspective (EJP Special Issue on Personality and Social Relationships) (01.02.2011)


Why mate choices are not as reciprocal as we assume: New paper on the role of personality, flirting, and physical attractiveness now in press (EJP Special Issue on Personality and Social Relationships) (01.02.2011)


PERSOC framework now in press (EJP Special Issue on Personality and Social Relationships) (01.02.2011)


PERSOC featured by P: The Online Newsletter for Personality Science (01.07.2010)


A closer look at first sight (25.06.2010)

New paper in press uses a combination of the lens model and the social relations model to explain the effects of personality on interpersonal attraction at zero acquaintance (more…)

“SRM for dummies” – a new easy to read introduction to the Social Relations Model, now in press (16.06.2010)


TripleR is a "Google Summer of Code" 2010 project!(03.05.2010)

Google sponsors each summer about 1000 open source software projects (the "Google Summer of Code", GSoC). Students can apply for a funded project within an open source organization - Last week, TripleR, the R package for round robin analyses, received one of the coveted GSoC 2010 slots (along with 4 other great R projects)!

Felix Schönbrodt (as the applying student) and Stefan Schmukle (as the project's mentor) now will start to extend and optimize the package. Major milestones are:

  • A thorough documentation
  • Handling of missing values + a documentation of the approach
  • Adding of multiple group support
  • First functions for handling full block designs

You can follow the development and post bugs on R-Forge. If you're interested in using the package, feel free to contact the authors, e.g.


Working on handling of missing values in round robin designs (21.09.2009)

We are currently working on adjusting the formulas for round robin analyses in TripleR for the presence of missing values. First simulation studies show very promising results; a TripleR version capable of handling missing values will be released next month on R-Forge.


TripleR version 0.1 released (11.05.2009)

The first public version of TripleR is released. Triple R is a R package for the analysis of roud robin designs. For download instructions and more details see the TripleR page on Current developer versions are hosted on R-Forge.


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