Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Questionnaire (NARQ)

Back, M. D., K├╝fner, A. C. P., Dufner, M., Gerlach, T. M., Rauthmann, J. F., & Denissen, J. J. A. (in press). Narcissistic admiration and rivalry: Disentangling the bright and dark sides of narcissism. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Brief Background

The NARQ is based on the idea that narcissism can be decomposed into two positively correlated dimensions: Admiration and Rivalry. These dimensions each encompass different cognitive, affective-motivational, and behavioral facets and result from two distinct interpersonal strategies: the tendency to approach social admiration by means of self-promotion (assertive self-enhancement) and the tendency to prevent social failure by self-defense (antagonistic self-protection). Both dimensions share the overarching goal to maintain a grandiose self. Differentiating narcissistic admiration and rivalry promises to improve our understanding of the determinants, processes, and consequences of narcissism.


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